[Spacetalk] Doha, Qatar

Gabrielle, George F. (KSC-ISC-4011)[URS Federal Technical Services, Inc.] george.f.gabrielle at nasa.gov
Thu Oct 16 06:38:33 CDT 2014

Good morning all,
 I want to quickly say hi and let you know I will be out of the office until Oct 27th...I have been invited by the American Embassy in QATAR to speak with various groups about the space program....it is wonderful opportunity and I am really looking forward to trying something new, hopefully with follow on opportunities...so I am leaving at 6 AM tomorrow morning...will have to be at the AP by 4ish...and will be on my way....looking forward to exploring this part of the world as everything I have seen and read is amazing....will write as soon as I get back and will try to post pictures on FB. My contact info on FB is:
Gabe Gabrielle...friend me if you're on FB and would like to connect there too...we have to remember to always do our best, enjoy everything we do, make each day special, smile & have Fun! Gabe

Doha Qatar skyline (2)

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