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Hi Gabe,

Bon Voyage to you! I am looking to invite a number of speakers to come and
talk to a middle school ( Just 7th and 8th graders) Lego Robotics Team
which we are forming at Jefferson Middle School on Merritt Island.

The topics will include the  missions which are part of the 2018-2019 Into
Orbit First Inspires Lego First  Season.  Please watch this video and let
me know if you can speak to any of these missions.

Missions Explained <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgsqoI1O7qU>
Mission 1 Vehicle Payload
Mission 2 Solar Panel Array
Mission 3 3D Printing and Planetary Travel
Mission 4 Crater Crossing
Mission 5 Core Extraction
Mission 6 Space Station Modules *
Mission 7 Space Walk Emergency
Mission 8   Aerobic Exercise
Mission 9  Strength Exercise
Mission 10  Food Production
Mission 11 Escape Velocity
Mission 12 Satellite Orbits
Mission 13 Observatory
Mission 14  Meteoroid Deflection
Mission 15  Lander Touchdown

We are looking to give the kids understanding of these missions and how to
use robots to solve the missions.  Speaking to the challenges and skills
needed to solve the missions.

I also would like to have the presenter speak to working as a team, values
which teamwork enhances and engineering principles which are important for
the mission. Real world examples of missions parallelling the Lego robot
missions are encouraged.  The Lego Core Values can give guidance.
Please watch this video.

Lego Core Values <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIbbz3faWYc>

Please let me know if we can see you one day at our Lego Club in September,
October or November. Call or email 201-396-1930.


Pia Lord

*Pia F. Lord*
 The Pia Lord Company <http://www.pialord.com>

Latin: *Maxima debetur puero reverentia.*
English: The greatest respect is owed to a child.

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English: All things change; all things flow; what we have been or are,
tomorrow we will not be.
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