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Gabrielle, George F. (KSC-ISC-4011)[URS Federal Technical Services, Inc.] george.f.gabrielle at nasa.gov
Thu Apr 23 06:19:47 CDT 2015

Good morning all,
 I hope your week is going well and you are all enjoying the warm summer weather, at least that is what we are having.....we sometimes forget the rest of the world is not like Florida...I have been spending some time with visiting HS students from Norway, they are great as are all the kids I meet. The story below is so touching...to me, teachers are so special and so important in kids' lives... we very seldom know what they are experiencing at home or what they are hiding inside...my own experiences have shown me how many kids put on such a happy face but struggle with insecurities, low self-esteem, bullying, and often feel all alone and that no one cares. I am on facebook with hundreds of kids and I am shocked at how many private message me because they are desperate for someone to listen. I go to their page and everything looks great but they are desperately sad inside. I spend so much time talking with them, trying to get them to not feel so stressed, so much pressure, or so alone...so many are just trying to "survive" and have so little hope for their future...As teachers, your warm, caring ways often give them a place to feel like they belong while at the same time they may be bullied and scared....I see so many wonderful teachers who so genuinely care for "their kids"... it has to give them hope...so I would encourage all of you to  try this and maybe it will help the kids to share with you what makes their lives so difficult, in their eyes...maybe even help them with their problems...to me being a kid should be all about fun and learning...I hate to think of their struggles, it seems so unfair because of their innocence...that is why I go to schools, why I spend so much time trying to let the kids  know that life can be and should be fun...while talking about the space program is really a way to get them to feel something special, I really want them to understand that they can be anything they want, do anything they want, and it doesn't take anything really special other than desire, determination, and the ability to enjoy everything they do....as I often say, teachers have the most difficult job in the world...I admire you tremendously and know how you can brighten the lives of so many kids....we all remember our favorite teacher for life, that is the impact you have....wishing you a wonderful day...we have to remember to always do our best, enjoy everything we do, live in the present, let the people we care about most know, make each day special, smile & have fun! Gabe

HEARTBREAKING: A teacher wanted to know more about her young students' lives, but she was blown away by their responses: http://abc7.ws/1DN97J8
Now she's asking other teachers to ask their students what #IWishMyTeacherKnew<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/iwishmyteacherknew> as well.


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